John Jolly works closely with students and parents to set and achieve personal goals.  Some students simply wish to enhance and solidify their understanding in a topic or topics; they will find the individual tutoring process more efficient time-wise than participating in a group setting.

Other students need help organizing their coursework such that they can effectively master it.  Often these are bright students who find that managing all of the details of a full high school course load can be difficult or overwhelming.   

Mr Jolly's Tutoring offers one-on-one tutoring to high school and middle school students in Austin, Texas, in most math and science subjects.

​​Why Get Individual Tutoring?

There are multiple reasons why parents seek tutoring for their children.  Some students simply need an infusion of knowledge during stressful parts of a course curriculum, such as when preparing for exams.  Others seek ongoing, regular tutoring support to stay on top of the material.  Others yet may not be performing as the parent knows he or she could be; it may be that the student is not "connecting" with the teacher's instruction style/manner, or that the material is too demanding, or that the student spends too much effort overcoming distraction in order to learn effectively.

John is a patient, supportive tutor who has spent many years explaining difficult scientific topics to non-scientific audiences in his "day" job as an air pollution researcher.  When your student receives individual, one-on-one guidance from John, he/she gets John's patient, knowledgeable explanations at the appropriate pace for the student's particular learning style.  John has found that with his individual guidance, most students attain an increased level of confidence regarding the subject matter, and typically grow more engaged in learning and mastering the material.



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