​John Jolly has helped over 50 students, in grades 3-12, gain confidence and aptitude in subjects that can be confusing and frustrating.  John's clear, easy-to-understand guidance enables students to increase their knowledge and to gain self-assurance.  He can interpret how the material in a course will be used in subsequent grades. He steers students in the right direction.

In most cases, students tutored by him have improved their grades. More than that, parents report that their students feel calm and confident about subjects that they once feared and avoided. ​​

During this time of social distancing, John has switched to 100% remote tutoring, using online tools that are easy for students to use and that closely replicate the in-person experience.  For Austin students, John will resume offering in-person tutoring at the appropriate time; his on-line tutoring will continue to be an option for anyone. 

Welcome to Mr Jolly's Tutoring

​​Does your student need support in math, science, or in organizing skills?  You have come to the right place!

Tutoring is a significant enhancement to your child's education. You are investing in both their present and future success, as math and science subjects typically build upon one another.  With Mr Jolly's Tutoring, your student is a getting a patient, supportive, dedicated guide to help them navigate the often-tricky path to success in math and science.