John Jolly's interest in math and science was sparked, interestingly, by his struggles with these subjects in high school. He felt he had to work twice as hard as other students just to keep up. Motivated by this difficult experience, he sought to more deeply understand these subjects, which he did while majoring in biology at the University of California.

After earning his bachelor's degree with honors, he worked in marine biology, first on a research ship off the coast of South America, and then doing research on coral reef animals while working for the Smithsonian Institution in Panama. After 2 years spent traveling in various countries, John moved to Austin, where he worked as an environmental data analyst.  After a 28-year career, he recently retired from this position.

In 2014, John began tutoring middle- and high-schoolers in evenings and on weekends, and quickly found tremendous passion and purpose in doing this – he soon realized it was his life's purpose. Now that he is retired, he tutors during the day (private tutoring is permitted on campus at some local schools), as well as evenings and weekends.

John is married and has 3 kids, ages 9-19. He has learned a considerable amount from helping his kids with their studies, as each one has a different learning style. During his free time, John loves riding his bike, hiking, doing yoga, and traveling.​

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