​​​About John Jolly

John's interest in math and science was sparked, interestingly, by his struggles with these subjects in high school. Motivated by this difficult experience, he gained a deep understanding of them on his way to earning his bachelor's degree in biology at the University of California.

Early in his career, John worked as a research aide in marine biology in Panama and Ecuador.  He then moved to Austin and spent 28 years as an environmental data analyst, leaving that position in 2018.  

In 2014, John began tutoring middle- and high-schoolers in evenings and on weekends, quickly finding tremendous passion and purpose in this. Now that this is his primary occupation, he tutors during the day, as well as evenings and weekends.

John is married and has 3 kids, ages 12-21. He has learned a considerable amount from helping his kids with their studies, as each one has a different learning style. During his free time, John loves riding his bike, hiking, doing yoga, and traveling.​

"John, you're amazing. You helped my daughter tremendously and helped our family as well with our stress load. We appreciate you immensely!"​