Mr Jolly's Tutoring: Helping your child learn, and want to learn

John is passionate about math and science, and tutors most high school and middle school subjects (see Services).  He is thrilled to pass along his love of these subjects to students.  He has 3 years’ experience tutoring students at 2 AISD magnet high schools, an AISD middle school, and at 2 private middle/high schools, in Austin.  He also has 3 children – 11th-, 8th-, and 2nd-graders – who attend public school, and whom he has tutored on numerous occasions. 

In overcoming his own struggles learning math and science growing up, John has acquired a tremendous ability to teach students as they are, rather than how the textbook or teacher thinks they should be.  John's simple, clear explanations enable students to really "ingest" the material and come to love their math or science subject. ​

John Jolly's Background

John received a bachelors' degree in Biology with Honors at UC Santa Barbara.  He has worked as an air pollution data analyst for the State of Texas for 18 years. He has coauthored a paper published in a scientific journal, and has given over 40 presentations on his work, many of which involved explaining detailed scientific analyses to non-technical audiences.  Prior to working for the State of Texas, he worked a variety of jobs, including 1 1/2 years as a researcher for the Smithsonian Institution in Panama.

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