​​​"John is an engaging, knowledgeable and thoughtful tutor who strives to help students based not only on their ability, but their interest level in a particular subject.  Our son, for example, was exhausted from the demands of school.  John came in and truly got to know our son, made the material interesting with real life examples and thus increased our son's motivation and confidence level.
As a result, our son did very well in his AP Statistics class and passed the AP exam with a score of 4".

L. G.

Austin, Texas

"Please allow this memo to serve as my sincere recommendation of John's tutoring.  In working with my daughter on chemistry, he was very straightforward, supportive, intuitive and patient. His interaction boosted her confidence to master this subject which she found extremely difficult before.  It was as if she was in the dark and then he showed her the light.  His kindness, perseverance, thoughtfulness and mastery of the subject were key to her success."


Austin, Texas

"John made my daughter feel that passing college algebra was attainable. That is a first.  Our gratitude is deep." 


Austin, Texas

​October 2020

“My grade in geometry last year was a 75.  Mr. Jolly was my tutor all this year in Algebra II and helped me get a 100 on my final and a 95 average in the class. He was clear with his teaching and was patient and answered all my questions clearly. He went above and beyond to help me with questions we didn't finish during our session by sending me notes and helpful tips.’

J. C.

Austin, Texas


​"John worked for me for 1 1/2 years.  He is simply an excellent tutor. He has become an expert in almost all levels of mathematics and science, so his knowledge pool is vast. He would be an incredible resource for any student looking for conceptual understanding of everything from algebra to pre-calculus, and earth science to biology to chemistry. But perhaps his best quality is his sincere care and concern for the individual needs of each his students. John is one of those educators who holds both the child’s mind and heart in his awareness, striving to care for the student on many levels. I highly recommend him to students who are struggling in math and science courses. He will undoubtedly serve them." 

Barbara Levesque
Light Voice Academic Coaching

"John is a patient and supportive tutor. My daughter, a high school freshman, was struggling with geometry, but after working with John she has turned her F into an A. More importantly, she has regained her confidence in math and is building a strong foundation in math skills that she will have forever. I highly recommend John. A great tutor makes all the difference!"


Austin, Texas

“… I just personally wanted to thank you so much for everything over the last couple of years. You have no idea how much it helped to have you on our kid's team.  We owe so much of their success to you and I cannot thank you enough."

S. G.

Austin, TX


“Mr. John Jolly has been a godsend for our two boys, both of whom have struggled with math.  John is very patient and seemed to develop an instant rapport with both kids off the bat.  We saw success early and he helped with some of the anxiety our oldest felt around math…  he has become more calm and confident when approaching a problem.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about him, his calming approach to tutoring, or the results we have witnessed with both boys.”

Nicole and Eric

Austin, TX


"John tutored my daughter through her 7th grade math class, and saved my relationship with her!  John's patience and guidance helped my daughter flourish and gain confidence in her math abilities.  Her grades improved, but more importantly he helped to identify and solidify some of the basic math concepts that she was a little shaky on.  That is the gift that will keep giving through her future math classes.  John is so kind and patient with her, and works with her in a way that she both enjoys and that builds her self-confidence in her abilities.  I am extremely happy to have John helping my daughter with math and feel very confident that she will improve with his tutoring."


Austin, Texas