Welcome to Mr Jolly's Tutoring​

​​"John Jolly is the only tutor who has ever been able to explain math to me."   Maya M., May 2021

​John Jolly has helped over 200 students, in grades 3-12+, gain confidence and ability in math and science.  He gets what it's like to be frustrated and intimidated by these subjects.

John educates and supports with deep patience.  There is no hurry.  Your kid's fear and intimidation will fall away.  They will feel more peaceful and calm about the material, and maybe even excited about it!

At this time, John is available both in-person and online.   


Is your kid not getting the material being presented in class?

Are they afraid to ask questions in front of other students?

Do you know the answers to their questions, but you

find yourself powerless to help them? 

Tutoring is a powerful tool for remedying this! 

With Mr Jolly's Tutoring, you are getting a patient, supportive, dedicated guide to help them gain satisfaction and confidence.